Thursday, February 28, 2013

Living the Dry Life

Hello burrito buddies! It’s Thursday here over on warrenelburrito, so that usually means it’s book review time (lately though it seems like I have forgotten that). I took a break from my usual books to read a memoir by Augusten Burroughs called,Dry. I came upon it while surfing through Amazon, and it sounded interesting. I decided to pick this one up for a read. In all honesty, I actually finished this book two weeks ago, but I haven’t written the review until now.
Dry is about Burroughs’ own fight with alcoholism. He has an author’s note at the beginning that says it’s based on his experiences over a ten year period. I found that this ten year portion of Burroughs’ life to be a quick read, in a good way. I didn’t want to put the book down because I felt like I needed to support him through his path to recovery. While reading the book, I almost felt that I could have easily been Augusten. I quickly became his biggest supporter, and I felt this pain and his recovery. This book pulls you in. You feel it, you love it.
The reality is that in the past year I have lost two uncles to alcoholism, so this book hits close to home for me. I have seen people struggle with sobriety, and I recognize that they are dealing with something greater than just alcohol. Dry helped me see it further though. Without giving away much, Augusten has a very complicated relationship with his friend/ex-love Pighead. Pighead is suffering from HIV, and in the memoir Augusten explores that relationship and the heartache and how that affects his sobriety and his addiction.
Dry is a fantastically written memoir. I plan on reading another Augusten Burroughs book in the future. I would give this all the burritos, and I bet you will too. Have you read this or another one of Burroughs’ books? What did you think? Any suggestions?
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  1. Fascinating. I need to start reading again. And sorry about your uncles! :(